We Still Need YOU!

Howdy Neighbors!

Well, we have had some great people step up and fill in positions, but we have only 1 important position yet to fill.  Jeff Minks has stepped up to the plate to be our new President!  All he needs now is a Vice President by his side.  The VP is there to support the president and take over in case of relocation.

Please let me know if you are ready, willing and able to take on this position.  We need your participation (yes, YOU) to keep this neighborhood going and as awesome as it always has been!

Thank you,
Kate Walters

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Loveland No Solicitation List

City Council recently amended its Door to Door Solicitation Ordinance to allow City of Loveland residents and businesses  to be added to a no solicitation list.  The list will be maintained by the Loveland Police Department and provided in conjunction with approved door to door solicitation permits.  If you would like to be added to the “No Solicitation List” please email, your name, address and phone number to lpdrecords@lovelandoh.gov.

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Garage Sale Update

It’s time to start cleaning out those closets and getting rid of unwanted items in your basements.  The 2017 Pheasant Hills Garage Sale will be the first weekend of May (5th-6th) with optional preview night on Thursday.

More information and registration form will be coming to this website and in the newsletter.

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Government Representatives Updated

On our Government page, state and federal representatives have been updated.  Now included are phone numbers as well as mailing and email addresses.  If you need to contact our representatives, find their contact information here!

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The Guide to Recycling Electronics

Hamilton County provides the following guidelines for recycling your unwanted electronic items.  Here’s more info from the county:

Holiday gift-giving often features new televisions, smartphones, mp3 players, tablets and other fun gadgets.  What to do with the old electronics, besides let them collect dust?  Electronics cannot be recycled in your curbside cart, nor at community recycling drop-off sites.


Guidelines for Recycling Electronics

  • Electronics cannot be recycled in your curbside bin or cart, nor at community recycling drop-off sites.
  • Electronics can be dropped off at special locations throughout the county.
  • Several large retailers and computer manufacturers offer electronic take-back programs that will recycle your old computer when you purchase a new computer from that same company.
  • For security reasons, be sure to clear all hard drive and data before donating electronics.  Tips on how to clear data can be found here, but if you do not feel comfortable, consult a technology professional.
  • Donate electronics that are still working to stores and services like Goodwill, The Salvation Army, and more.  Some local non-profits accept electronics donations, so simply call to find out.
  • Readers can find a list of electronics recycling outlets and manufacturing take-back programs on our website at HamiltonCountyRecycles.org.
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New List of Recyclable Items from Rumpke

Rumpke has provided an up-to-date list of items that can and cannot be recycled.  Please note the items that cannot be recycled at the bottom left of the list.

However, please remember our own “neighborhood recycle program” which can recycle large items like washers and dryers, heating and cooling, aluminum siding, Christmas lights as well as aluminum cans and other metals.  Contact TimCPM@yahoo.com or 697-1559 to recycle these types of items.

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Bunko Players Needed

Ladies, would you like to get out once a month and socialize with your Pheasant Hills neighbors? There is a small group of women that meet on once a month, to play a simple dice game called Bunko. Bunko is so easy that anyone can learn, but mostly our gatherings are about friends, conversation, food and fun! If you don’t want to play regularly, maybe you would like to get on the sub list. Questions? Please contact Martha Reed via email (preferred) or 583.9482

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New Newsletter Info!

The Pheasant’s Tale newsletter is back! The next issue is arriving in mailboxes as I write this. Contributions are welcome, now or in the future! Please submit any articles, classified or ads to pheasantstale@hotmail.com.

Check out the Newsletter archive at the bottom of the Association Page.

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Pheasant Hills Play Group

We are looking for additional families to join.

  • Do you have little ones at home during the day?
  • Would you like your little ones to have the opportunity to get to know and play with other kids their age in a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere?
  • Would you like to get to know parents with kids the same age as yours?
  • Do you work part time or are you a stay-at-home mom/dad?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we would love for you to join us for playgroup! We usually meet for a few hours from mid morning until after lunch. The atmosphere is laid back, nothing planned other than to let the children play together and make friends. The host for the week provides a meal and drinks for the kids and their parents as well as the opportunity to play with other children in the neighborhood.

If you are interested in joining please contact Molly Retzler at mcginnmi@gmail.com.

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What’s going on here?!?

There’s a lot going on in Pheasant Hills and one of the best ways to stay up on the latest is to get on our email list.

Natalie Minks sends out timely and relevant emails about the goings on in Pheasant Hills. To include yourself in the list, email Natalie at minksnl@gmail.com with your name and address.

Thanks for your efforts, Natalie!

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