Leaf and Brush Pickup Schedules

From the City of Loveland:

Loveland’s 2016 Fall Leaf Collection schedule will begin on October 17 this year.  Leaf collection during this period will be done by a City crew using mechanical equipment similar to a vacuum cleaner.  Residents are instructed to rake leaves to a place near the street or curb.  Do not place leaf piles on the sidewalk, gutters, ditches, roads, or blocking fire hydrants.

In each of the neighborhoods or streets listed below, a crew will be working the area on the dates shown and the crew will be making one pass on each street during the period of collection. The schedule calls for each neighborhood to have two collection periods. Residents are requested to have leaves at the curb prior to the beginning date of the scheduled pick-up period in the following neighborhoods:

October 17 (Monday) and November 7 (Monday)
East Main, Elm, Chestnut, Wall, Riverside, Park, Ohio, lower West Loveland, Harper, Shadycrest, Victory Circle, Wilson and Center

October 18 and 19 (Tuesday and Wednesday) and November 8 – 10 (Tuesday – Thursday)
Wakefield, Walker, Oak, Ash, Laurel, Williams, Maryknoll, Ruth, Venice, Elysian, Oriole, Lowell, Seyffer, Walnut, Paxton, Cedar, Robin, Second, Steeplechase, Huntington, Reserves, and Cedar Woods Subdivisions

October 20 (Thursday) and November 11 (Friday)
Lower Broadway, Third, Harrison, O’Bannon, E. Loveland Ave., Karl Brown Way, Union, Railroad, Maple, First, Fifth, Lyon, Sentry Hill, Brandywine, Hermitage Pointe, and Bares Creek Subdivisions

October 24 – 27 (Monday – Thursday) and November 14 – 16 (Monday – Wednesday)
Pheasant Hills, Pheasant Hills on the Lake, Claiborne I Subdivisions, and Hidden Creek

October 27 and 28 (Thursday an Friday) and November 17 and 18 (Thursday and Friday)
Fox Meadow Farm and Glen Lake Subdivisions, Lebanon Road, West Loveland Ave. from Lebanon to Loveland Madeira Rd., Rich Road, Woodford Subdivision, and Kemper Road

October 31 – November 3 (Monday – Thursday) and November 21 – 23 (Monday – Wednesday)
Stoneybrook, Miamiview, Loveland Heights, Durango Drive, Claiborne II and Fox Chase Subdivisions

Brush Pick-Up

The 2016 fall brush pickup program will begin on Monday, November 14 and will run for five weeks.  Brush must be placed at the curb no later than Sunday night of the scheduled week of each collection.  The following will be our schedule for brush pickup:

November 14: Area of the City that has a Monday trash pickup.

November 21: Area of the City that has a Tuesday trash pickup.

November 28: Area of the City that has a Wednesday trash pickup.

December 5: Area of the City that has a Thursday trash pickup.

December 12: Area of the City that has a Friday trash pickup.

The following are guidelines established for the brush pick-up program:

  1. Limbs cannot exceed 10” in diameter at the cut section.
  2. Small twigs and sticks should be bundled with twine in bundles 12” in diameter.  Twigs or sticks can also be placed in a container at the curb, but no other yard waste should be in the containers.  Please, no loose piles of sticks and debris.
  3. Limbs should be placed at the curb with the cut section facing the street and all limbs should be facing the same direction.  This makes it easier and faster to handle.
  4. Brush must be placed at the curb or edge of roadway.  Do NOT place brush in the roadway, gutter, ditches, or on sidewalks.  Do NOT block fire hydrants.
  5. No leaves, pine needles, grass clippings, or other yard waste will be collected.  Any material not meeting these requirements cannot be collected and will be left at the curb.

Wood chips will be available again this year at the Public Works Department, 10980 Loveland-Madeira Road.  Anyone in the City who would like a full load of wood chips should call 513-707-1439.

Outside the regular pick-up schedule, residents are encouraged to come to City Hall to get a free voucher to drop off any yard waste to Evans Landscaping.

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Meet Your New Association Officers!

At the annual neighborhood meeting last November, Association officers were elected to serve a two year term.  Let’s meet our new officers!

President—Kate Walters

Officer_KateWaltersKate moved down to Cincinnati with her family just before high school.  During her years walking the halls of Mount Notre Dame, she met her husband Josh.  She attended the University of Pittsburgh for her bachelor’s degree and then Saint Louis University for her master’s degree.  She now works as a neurosurgery Physician Assistant at Riverhills Neuroscience. She and her husband moved to Pheasant Hills in 2013 and couldn’t be happier with their decision.  Kate and Josh enjoy traveling—they even named their dog after one of their favorite cities in which they have lived…Sydney!  You may sometimes see Kate running through the neighborhood with Sydney (golden retriever).  She is thrilled to serve the neighborhood and is excited to get to know even more neighbors.

Vice President—Kathy Johnston

Officer_KathyJohnstonKathy and her husband Mark have lived in the neighborhood for approximately 11 years.  In addition to raising their two girls, Katie and Sarah, she currently works part-time as the Title I Reading teacher at St. Columban School.  In the past she has helped with the neighborhood playgroup, picnic, parties, TGIF’s, and food drive.  She and her husband have loved living in Pheasant Hills and feel that the people, events, and sense of community are all assets to their family.  She looks forward to serving as the neighborhood vice-president and hopes to see many old and new faces at the events and service projects that help make this a great neighborhood in which to live.

Secretary—Molly Retzler

Officer_MollyRetzlerMolly is a Cincinnati native.  She attended Miami University and returned to the Queen City after graduation.  She and her husband moved to Pheasant Hills in 2007 from Pleasant Ridge.  She now has the privilege of staying at home with their son Ben who will be starting kindergarten in the fall.  Molly enjoys reading, painting, cooking, and watching football (team not specified :) ).  Before becoming Secretary, Molly was the head of the neighborhood playgroup for the last 3 years.




Treasurer—Dave Kurtzman

Officer_DaveKurtzmanDave graduated from the Ohio State College of Pharmacy in 2007 and moved to Cincinnati for his Pharmacy Residency program.  He and his wife moved to Pheasant Hills in 2008 after finishing his Residency.  He is currently a Clinical Pharmacy Specialist at the West Chester Hospital.  Dave and his wife have two that they spend almost all of their time with (one in kindergarten and one will start next year).  They particularly like swimming during the summer months.  Dave is a distance runner and you may have seen him around the neighborhood training for a marathon—he completed his 3rd this past fall!

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New List of Recyclable Items from Rumpke

Rumpke has provided an up-to-date list of items that can and cannot be recycled.  Please note the items that cannot be recycled at the bottom left of the list.

However, please remember our own “neighborhood recycle program” which can recycle large items like washers and dryers, heating and cooling, aluminum siding, Christmas lights as well as aluminum cans and other metals.  Contact TimCPM@yahoo.com or 697-1559 to recycle these types of items.

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Bunko Players Needed

Ladies, would you like to get out once a month and socialize with your Pheasant Hills neighbors? There is a small group of women that meet on once a month, to play a simple dice game called Bunko. Bunko is so easy that anyone can learn, but mostly our gatherings are about friends, conversation, food and fun! If you don’t want to play regularly, maybe you would like to get on the sub list. Questions? Please contact Martha Reed via email (preferred) or 583.9482

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New Newsletter Info!

The Pheasant’s Tale newsletter is back! The next issue is arriving in mailboxes as I write this. Contributions are welcome, now or in the future! Please submit any articles, classified or ads to pheasantstale@hotmail.com.

Check out the Newsletter archive at the bottom of the Association Page.

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Pheasant Hills Play Group

We are looking for additional families to join.

  • Do you have little ones at home during the day?
  • Would you like your little ones to have the opportunity to get to know and play with other kids their age in a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere?
  • Would you like to get to know parents with kids the same age as yours?
  • Do you work part time or are you a stay-at-home mom/dad?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we would love for you to join us for playgroup! We usually meet for a few hours from mid morning until after lunch. The atmosphere is laid back, nothing planned other than to let the children play together and make friends. The host for the week provides a meal and drinks for the kids and their parents as well as the opportunity to play with other children in the neighborhood.

If you are interested in joining please contact Molly Retzler at mcginnmi@gmail.com.

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What’s going on here?!?

There’s a lot going on in Pheasant Hills and one of the best ways to stay up on the latest is to get on our email list.

Natalie Minks sends out timely and relevant emails about the goings on in Pheasant Hills. To include yourself in the list, email Natalie at minksnl@gmail.com with your name and address.

Thanks for your efforts, Natalie!

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Help Granny’s Garden!

As some of you may know, when I am not running through the streets of Pheasant Hills I serve on the Board of the Granny’s Garden School in Loveland, Ohio. This 10-year old program teaches over 1,700 1st through 4th graders every week in outdoor gardens surrounding the Loveland Primary and Elementary Schools. Kids learn all about gardens, veggies, and how plants grow, but more importantly they learn math, science, biology and other lessons using the gardens as a fun and unique learning environment. It’s a truly great program.

And YOU CAN HELP. Granny’s Garden is 100% funded by donations and fundraisers. The Loveland School District does not provide one penny of funding for this truly amazing program. So what can you do to help?

Sign up for the iGive online shopping program. You register and then go shop online at any of 1,200 great stores like Macy’s, Amazon, Home Depot, Kohl’s and many of your favorite stores. Every dollar you spend provides a portion to Granny’s Garden School without costing you anything! You just shop, and Granny’s get to benefit from your buying since every participating retailer donates a percentage to iGive. Just sign up and register and Granny gets $5 bucks. Easy to do and feels good to do it.

Here is what you do to help us. Go to Granny’s Garden School iGive page and register to download the shopping widget….then just shop. That’s it! Your help will go a long way in keeping this powerful program moving forward teaching our school children to love the outdoors and learning together.

Won’t you help? If your wife, husband, partner or Mom does all the online shopping, please tell them to shop with iGive and Granny’s Garden School!

Thanks so much in advance for your help.
Chris Timman

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Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Pheasant Hills is the largest and considered to be the most scenic neighborhood in Loveland, Ohio.  Loveland is the definition of a quaint and historical community and is proud to be a north-eastern suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio USA.  Loveland’s grand history is only exceeded by its beauty.

Pheasant Hills is over 300 dignified and unique homes nestled on a few hundred tree canopied acres.  Our neighborhood is a beautiful and natural environment shared with indigenous plant and wildlife.  The families which comprise Pheasant Hills share great pride in their community and contribute to the many facets which make Pheasant Hills and Loveland a much envied community.

This site is provided for our residents as an information source for local connections and a means to share our history and pride with those who are wishing to discover Pheasant Hills’ many charms.

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Are You Registered To Vote?

American FlagAm I registered to vote??
Where do I vote??

Even if you have lived here a while, please double-check with the
Hamilton County Board of Elections at each of the links above.

Your vote is too important to not be sure!
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